Amazon.com - books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Barnes & Noble - books

Bartleby - great books online

Borders Books - books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Foundation for Economic Education

Hailer Publishing - out of print military history books

Lightning Press - "smart books"

Loompanics - "The best book catalog in the world"

Military Bookman/Chartwell Booksellers

Paladin Press - combat manuals, etc.



Edmunds.com - car price guide

NADA - car price guide



America! - flags and such

Crowdmaster Flag Catalog

GOP Shoppe - official GOP gift shop

Inaugural gift shop - 2005

Political Americana

Quinn Flags

Rightwingstuff.com - liberal bashing and fun

Thoseshirts.com - conservative t-shirts

White House Historical Association - Christmas ornaments, etc



Durabook - tough laptops

Hearts of Iron II

Hearts of Iron Doomsday

Hearts of Iron - printable maps

Hearts of Iron - Stony Road MOD



Asheville DieCast - replicas

Cranston Fine Arts - military art

Gordons Medals - military collectibles

Michigan Toy Soldier Company



Belle & Blade - war videos, t-shirts, etc.

Something Weird Video - strange stuff




AIMSurplus - ammo & firearms

Ammoman - ammo

Ammunitionstore.com - surplus ammo (best source)

Armalite - AR-15 manufacturer

ATN - night vision scopes, etc.

Bushmaster - AR-15 manufacturer

Bushmaster AR-15 M4A3 pre-ban config

DSA Arms - FN-FAL specialists

EOTech Inc - holographic sights

Inpact Guns - ammo & firearms (good AR-15 selection)

Leupold - tactical scopes

Midway USA - tons of gun stuff

MILITEC-1 - weapon lubricant

Shot Shop - firearms accessories



AAFES  - Army Exchange & Clothing Sales

Army Clothing Sales - list of all locations with phone numbers

Aviation Military & Collectibles - Air Force & Army t-shirts

Ranger Joes - gear & uniforms

Super Trooper - gear & uniforms

U.S. Cavalry - gear & uniforms



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